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New Voices in Short Story

The Goldilocks Zone is the part of a solar system that is suitable for life: not too hot, not too cold. Step into the boots, high heels, spurs, or flippers of unconventional travelers, those who disappear in the blink of an eye, who fight environmental disasters, hide secrets, believe in true love; those who are looking for a new home, and those who will never go home again. This collection features new voices in both fiction and non-fiction. Whether sci-fi, fantasy, or absolutely true, each one brings new worlds of wonder and delight. These new voices in short story find the zone for a surprising take on life. And every time, it’s just right. Illustrated by Hayley Patterson and Edited by Polly Alice McCann featuring authors: Alexandra Ames, R.L. Aseret, Amy Bernstein, Brian C. E. Buhl, M.W. Dreygon, Clementine Fraser, Rebecca May Hope, Sol Jacobs, Jerry McCann, Amanda Michelle Moon, Greg Moravec, and Ashley Reisinger.


A Celebration: All in Blue

Blue City Poets: Kansas City-- Illustrated by SAV Art Gallery's Michael Savage with Cover Art by Susan Kiefer. "Blue City Poets" are from the pulse of a starlit Mid-Town roof to the beat of a cicada-humming-July-blue-summer day; from memories of the rolling prairie to the squeaky wheel of the shopping cart on a blizzard-ready night on the Eastside, Kansas City is home to the blues in a dozen ways. Come sit for a spell with like memories, or visit for the first time. These words of Kansas City poets will draw you in with a longing that is as real as it is enjoyable until you agree, 'there is no place like home.' Illustrated with lush, buoyant paintings by Michael B Savage, SAV art gallery. Works by Malcolm Byers, Kēvin Paul Callahan, William Edward Dozier, Melissa Goodnight, Jamie Lynn Heller, Mary-Lane Kamberg, C.M. Millen, Frances A. Rove, Mary Silwance, T.L. Sanders, Taylor Ware. Read more on our Blue City Poets Story page or our blog.  

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In this new collection, Puss ‘N Boötes: Dark Poems, Polly Alice plunges her readers into dark dreamscapes and ushers in folk tale characters as flickering stars to light the way through a dark night. Meet Characters like The White Cat, Dorothy of Oz, Red Riding Hood, Gerda & The Snow Queen, Castillo, Eve. Polly threads the theme of the Spring constellation, Boötes, the hunter shepherd, to highlight the theme of coming out of a time of darkness and into the light.

“When I wrote these poems 2018-2019 I saw a theme of cats and constellations so I did the artist thing and decided to embrace the randomness. I knew it was the right fit when I assembled them into a personal narrative and discovered dozens of themes from the constellation Boötes and the star Arcturus–even though I had only added one intentional reference. To me, the best women's empowerment metaphor for sharing my journey in poetry was in 17th-century folk tales: The White Cat and Puss in Boots. I hope these lyrical stories demonstrate the deep subconscious of our fierce maternal natures and ever upward growth of buried talents, treasures, and dreams-- I want to push our inherited conversations of power away from masculine ideals to a more feminine vision: creativity over control, beauty over usefulness; journey over results; acceptance over isolation; and the spirit of intuition and collaboration over it all.

This is Polly’s third book of narrative poetry and a companion book to her first two, Kinlight (2017) and Tea with Alice (2019) both by Flying Ketchup Press. Find out more at pollymccann.com.

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In English, Spanish, and French:  International Poets & Artists

The Very Edge is an intense collection of urgent and inspiring poetry that brings together writers in English, Spanish, and French. Co-edited by Polly Alice McCann and Araceli Esparza, it celebrates thirty-six contemporary poets such as New York poet, Anne Whitehouse, and Kansas Poet Laureate, Huascar Medina. Let them take you on a journey across border towns and prairies to the top of the Swiss Alps; fly from the waters of the Amazon to Manhattan rooftops into an arid land where you can sit at the table and hear stories woven from the frayed edges of our hope. With art direction by designer, Kēvin Callahan, this book features several artists including the work of textile designer and photographer, Samantha Malay, and incredible meditative portraits by award-winning artist, Mano Sotelo. Read more on our blog or our The Very Edge story page. 


kNew the Poetic Screenplay & kNew the Chapbook

Poet T.L. Sanders

kNew is a lyrical screenplay at the heart of open mic. Like jazz, T.L. Sanders' poetry is his affinity for sound. “Intense, gripping . . . a one-two punch . . . written in fire and delivered with thunder," writes reviewer Kelly Luck. These debut poems present Dr. James Dean, a quiet family man who goes back to Kansas City to mourn the death of a father he hardly knew. The Blue Room holds just another stage where anyone can spit some lyrics. But this night, a new vision awakes when a community grieves a prodigal father. Something new emerges in the hearts of those willing to speak their truth . . . and just who takes the stage might surprise you. Read more about Poet. T.L. Sanders on our kNew Story page or our blog

2018 Poetry Collections for FountainVerse Poetry Festival  Flying Ketchup Press ® 



Two parts sugar, three parts milk: the life of a writer

Rebecca Grabill. Sweetened Condensed is two parts sugar, three parts milk: the life of a writer and mother of six encapsulated into raw moments of lyrical free verse with the author's black and white photography. Rebecca Grabill's first collection brings her readers home to rural Michigan and into the world of a woman on the path less traveled-- wife, daughter, teacher, author, and mother of six. She writes, "I love words, the music they make, their personalities and scents and textures. Words are like Sendak’s Wild Things, each clamoring for their own Rumpus. I love creating stories by taming a few of those wild and wily words, and I love inspiring others to explore their own creativity."


Rebecca is an award-winning author of the picture books, Halloween Good Night (Atheneum, Simon & Schuster), Violet and the Woof (Katherine Tegen Books, HarperCollins), A Year With Mama Earth (Eerdmans Books for Young Readers 2019). Her other publications include poetry and essays in a broad range of literary journals. Read more about this project on our Sweetened Condensed Story page or her blog.  

"In a world of daily headlines ... it is amazing to read the beauty of the incidental...This is the amazing stuff."

--Hugh Merrill, Artist, Lecturer, Poet

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The Gentleman's Artist's Chapbook: A Poetic Journey

“A long and winding road” the Beatles sang, but this "Road Map" is a poetic journey through an American Artist's life well-lived. With a keen eye for wisdom, wit, and historically hilarious self-portraits illustrating his travels, you'll want to grab a walking stick and join Kēvin for a globe-trekking adventure from African Safari to the old family farm. You'll have a good time. Read more

Kēvin Callahan, author, artist, traveler hails from Drake University, and both the Chicago and San Francisco Art Institutes Kēvin Callahan is an “accidental poet," and the author of many published short stories, and a novel. His award-winning artwork hangs in collections throughout the United States, and in Canada, Europe, and Israel. After a career in graphic design, he has published a novel and two short story collections. His distinctive modern portraits and figures are shown worldwide including a line of handcrafted wood items at Prairie Primitive.com. He maintains a studio and gallery, the Elegant Line, in Parkville, MO.

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