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coverKinlight bowker 2020.jpg

by Polly Alice McCann

In Polly Alice McCann's collection of poetry, Kinlight, she bravely plums the depths of our delicate sensibilities, inviting us to pause, to feel, and to notice.  Dream-inspired and rich with lush imagery, these poems open the heart, stir the soul, and delve into shadowy places that reveal the dark and hidden places of our hearts.  Polly Alice plunges us down the road of paths unseen and not taken--roads of inspired direction fraught with the need for courage, taking us on the sometimes frightening journey into our own souls.  Kinlight is a companion book to two other collections, Tea with Alice and Puss 'n Bootes, both by Flying Ketchup Press. These first poetry books are particularly special to Polly, since they were the inspiration for starting the now flush-with-titles publishing company, Flying Ketchup Press.  Find out more at

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