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MARY ANNE  is a watercolorist from Dodge City, Kansas.  She studied fashion design at Kansas State University.  Throughout her art career, she has worked in many different mediums. She teaches elementary art and loves to travel to the SouthWest for its warm vistas. She lives on her family farm with a variety of horses, cows, and calico cats. And when they hold still she paints them in her favorite color--cadmium yellow. Find out more about her creative work at   http://www.hendrixstudiosnow.com



Hayley Patterson's main ambition is to create art that is interesting, funny, and memorable. She received my BA in Animation and Illustration from SUNY Fredonia 2018 and worked as a staff illustrator for the university newspaper. Her work has been featured in galleries in Suffolk County and Long Island, NY as well as the MoCCA Arts Festival in New York City, hosted by the Society of Illustrators. She describes her style as being graphic and colorful with occasional forays into simple black and white. Where does she get her inspiration? "I'm heavily informed by modern and vintage pop-culture and media I draw inspiration from everything, from iconic aspects of popular culture to personal experiences." Her favorite quote from the animated film Ratatouille: 'Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.' Follow her @hapdoods on instagram or https://www.doodleaddicts.com/hapatterson/faves/



POLLY ALICE MCCANN, author-illustrator, loves to put a whimsical world of rainbow color in every picture. She graduated with her MFA in writing for children and young adults from Hamline University. Polly is a writing mentor for Society of Young Inklings as well as managing editor of Flying Ketchup Press. Her art has been published in national magazines and newspapers and several upcoming books. She loves to spend time with her two kids, grow basil in the garden, and explore the unexpected in her free time. Find out more at pollymccann.com or visit her studio on second Saturdays at DesignWerx in North Kansas City.

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Danielle D. Williams. In 2006, she earned a BFA in Animation from Massachusetts College of Art & Design, and afterward went on to teach art at private schools, church events, early education centers, and workshops. She has also taught as a continuing education and professional studies instructor for the Kansas City Art Institute. In 2016, Danielle completed her Master’s in Teaching and Learning. We are so honored to have Danielle as one of our newest authors who is writing books for the very young with an emphasis on visual and kinetic learning.