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Space, Time & Robot Dogs


Space, Time & Robot Dogs is a search for the best Sci-Fi short stories that take place in weird wild new worlds. Is your story full of surprises, twists, mysterious creatures, technological wonder, and new things we've never thought of? Then welcome home to Flying Ketchup Press. Submit today!



Essays, Poems & Art on the Women's March to Equal Rights

Equal Rights for Women

We've updated the title of this contest to help let you know better what we are looking for. This book inspired by the artwork and poetry of artist, Gloria Heifner will be a collection of work about the journey to women's rights. Educational, entertaining, informative, historical, present day. We want your story. Did you know the Equal Rights Amendment in the United States has never been ratified into law? Women do not have equal rights under the Constitution of the United States and in many countries around the world. Millions of women have spoken out on the journey to equality. Tell us about it!

“Do we have the audacity to demand the same rights and respect for every woman and young girl in our country and in the world?” Do you have a story, essay or artwork inspired by the global woman’s rights movement? What have you written? What have you shared? What is your message to the world? We are stronger together. Let’s keep putting the word out there for the world to hear! Let’s keep marching.

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Winners of our contest will receive publication in a book with the title "Audacity", along with a free copy of the book. Winning work will also be featured in both softcover and eBook editions. This book includes a page about each author -- including a link to your author or artist page on our website.

This book will be available for purchase online in both softcover and eBook.

Guidelines for each entry:


Blue City Poetry

Our first Kansas City Poets Collection

"resonated immediately within my soul......reflective of the ACTIVE poetic, spiritual, and artistic diversity that which is Kansas City! --Suzanne Blum-Young

"Kansas City, the city of fountains, is blue: July blue, cerulean, ice blue, and lapis. Kansas City, the home of jazz and barbecue, is loved and known for its realness: its “streets of steel rain,” “honeysuckle explosion,” “fresh apple pie air,” “stripped dandelions,” “tallgrass mounds,” and so much more.

In the chapbook collection, Blue City Poets, editor Polly McCann deftly brings together the voices of poets who call the Blue City home and who have traversed it. These poems are their personal truths: raw, soul-searching, at times heartbreaking, yet hopeful." --Sayeeda T. Ahmad, Across Oceans

Illustrated with lush, buoyant paintings by Michael B Savage, SAV art gallery. Art Direction by Kevin Paul Callahan.

To the left is wonderful cover art by Susan Kiefer. "Bird of Paradise." It's an homage to Charlie Parker, whose nickname was "Bird." One of his compositions was titled "Bird of Paradise." The boat is borrowed from Egyptian tomb paintings, so I imagine Charlie in bird form, playing and drifting along on a heavenly sea."

The winning poets selected for this book are 

“Kansas” by Melissa Goodnight

“Silky Sky” by C.M. Millen

“Last Poets” by William Edmond Dozier

“Can’t Breathe” by Malcolm Byers

“On a Grey St. Patrick’s Day” by Mary Silwance

“Totality” by Mary-Lane Kamberg


Before the Crossing by Mary-Lane Kamberg

“That Night the Sky Fell” by Taylor Ware

“Controlled Burn” by Jamie Lynn Heller "Paper Poet" by TL Sanders and "Doing Battle with Old Bones" and "Wildlife" by Kevin Callahan

Celebrate this book with us at Fountain Verse Poetry Festival.


This Call is closed and in Process. We will let winners know September 2019 -- A biolingual Poetry Collection

The Very Edge

The Very Edge- Al Extremo Borde- Le Bord Etroit:  Poeta, sabes que eres brillante así que comparte algunas palabras con nosotros hoy.  Tenemos un raro solicitud. Envíanos tus poemas con el tema "Al Extremo Borde". Ej: una transición, un cambio de época, estar entre dos espacios o lugares, la necesidad de hacer una decisión o algo metafísico. Interprétalo como quieras.

Los ganadores de este certamen recibirán el siguiente premio: publicación y una gratuita copia del libro.  Cuentos ganadores estarán presentados en las ediciones de "Al Extremo Borde": con tapa blanda y en una edición electrónica (eBook).  Este libro incluye una página de cada poeta -- incluyendo un enlace a tu propia página del autor en nuestro página de Internet.

The Very Edge- Al Extremo Borde- Le Bord Etroit: Poets, you know you are brilliant, so share some of your words with us today. We have an unusual request. Send us your poems on the theme of “the very edge.” Interpret how you will. There are many boundaries to explore--culture, physics, spirit, nature-- share your poems with us. We love narrative free verse but other forms are welcome! Surprise us. We will accept poems written in English, Spanish or French.

Winners of our poetry contest will be announced this September 2018. They will receive publication, along with a free copy of the book. Winning stories will also be featured in both soft cover and eBook editions titled, "The Very Edge." This book includes a page about each poet -- including a link to your author page on our website.

deep tales promo.jpg

Tales from  the Deep

Winners Announced Dec 2019

cozy catbird mysteries.jpg

Mystery Novella Contest

Winner Announced November 2019