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Wow Thanks for taking a look at our new calls for writers and artists for 2021. We were founded on May 13th, 2018 and began offering contests in Aug of that year. Our first book was published Halloween 2019. We've published 12 books in two years, and soon 200 authors and artists. We are a traditional press focusing on books and ebooks. Our emphasis is all about new and diverse voices–especially artists, poetry, and short fiction, as well as two annual anthologies and some single author collections. Our calls have a small reading fee to support more artists and authors like you getting published!


Submit by the end of each month 12 midnight CST January through June, 2021

Bold Face: Poems (and Art) about Strength

Whether you take on a strong voice or just share a story about someone fearless, someone who had the nerve to stand up for what was right, make a difference, change the world send us a poem about it. Paint us a portrait in words. Past, present, or future. Take us on a journey of strength.

Finalists will be published in an upcoming anthology collection with Flying Ketchup Press. Spoken Word Video entries will be posted on our Youtube channel and in our digital magazine/ ebook versions. Artists and Photographers highly encouraged to enter. Form poets, Graphic designers, font designers highly encouraged to enter.

Creativity. Let it happen. Let's think about who we admire that has strength? When was the last time we spoke up? Bold Face. Share with us your poems and artwork when you or someone you know had the boldness to be strong.


Finalists are automatically entered into a pool of poets our editors will choose to invite to a chapbook or full manuscript for publication!! Finalists are automatically entered into a pool of poets our editors will choose from to invite to a digital magazine publication or blog feature.


Submissions due end of every month 12 midnight CST January through June, 2021

Fast Forward: Poems and Art about your Fave Historical Poet

Fast Forward: Did you ever wonder what a historical poet might be doing today? Or have you felt a connection to a poet of a past, written in their style, or lyrically celebrated them in some way? Then this contest is for you. Whether you time travel your historical poet the present, or enter their world in the past; whether you try out their style or comment on their life; whether you take on their voice or just tell-all tabloid-style; whether you address the addictive technology of our poetic future or an important modern-day movement, try out this time travel call for poetry and art that speak to both past and present.


We hope you enjoy this history lovers prompt for the ultimate poetry nerd. We will also invite you to share by text or video. We will share on our Youtube channel, and post it on our website of you reading or performing your poem. Find an old favorite, or discover a poet you never knew before.

What can you win? One poem a month will be published in our blog with Flying Ketchup Press in 2021 as the poet spotlight of the month as well as being included on one of our first digital magazines. You'll get social media and blog all about you with the online publication of your poem (with permission). Y


ou will also win a free membership to our site with resources, discussion groups, and a place to advertise your poetry, editing, speaking or other work. Finalists are automatically entered into a pool of poets our editors will choose to invite to a chapbook or full manuscript for publication and our 2020 anthology, as well as our 2021 Vision award for inspiring the title of next year's collection.


Submissions due mid-month, every month 12 midnight CST January through December, 2021

Words for Writers is a one Word Contest!

It's all about words. Submit Your Best Writing Terms to Ketchupedia. Ketchupedia: is a space for words for writers. Have you coined a new term you use to help writers? Or do you have a favorite? We are building a database of words for writers and you are welcome to submit yours!  Please send your term, its definition, how you use it to help writers, and where you first discovered or invented that term.


You could be invited to be on our upcoming podcast or be a guest on our Relishing our Writers blog! Words we have collected over 200 words so far for our Ketchupedia collection soon to be a podcast and eventually a publication for members. Help us share what writing is all about.


Some of the words we have so far: Sylvanocity, Psychic Distance, Endowed Objects, Dialog Beat, White Space, and more... Win the fame of being our Word of the Month author! Social Media, Blog, Youtube Video. 


We'll post all about you and how you help writers understand the craft of writing with your original word or original take on a word we use every day.  January's prompt is "dialogue." What's your best tip for writers?


Submissions due end of month, every month 12 midnight CST January through June, 2021

C-NOTE Celebrating Famous Short Stories 

O'Connor, Hemmingway, Hawthorn, Gilman, Poe, Irving, Sayers, Fitzgerald, Wilde, Wells, Maupassant, Henry, Doyle, Woolf, Lovecraft, Forster, London, Akutawawa, Lang, Howard, Wallace, Kipling, and more. The originators of today's modern story storm form created the literary genre we love today, but often they are out of copyright. Some forgotten gems lie ready to be dusted off and put back on the shelf. Let's celebrate short stories in the public domain by updating, editing, altering, or celebrating one of your favorite modern tales. Join in this time travel call for short fiction that speaks to both past and present.

Creativity. Let it happen. Let's think about the authors of the past and who we are today. How are we alike? What is easier. Fast forward. Re-tell that same story today.


The top 12 finalists will be published in a short story collection with Flying Ketchup Press.

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