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Poet brings it! in One Man Show-- Hybrid Lyrical Screen Play at Fringe Fest KC

KC Fringe Fest: During this multi-character solo show, Poet T.L. Sanders will transport you on a lyrical journey like you’ve never experienced. In this performance of his forthcoming hybrid screenplay, kNew, published by Flying Ketchup Press (July 2019), Sanders shares an original story of one September open mic night at the Blue Room on 18th and Vine. It’s a night where a grown son mourns his prodigal father and something new emerges in the hearts of those willing to speak their truth. Find tickets at KC Fringe Fest. Performances at the Loretto Event Space in Midtown. July 19 through 27th.

kNew: The ScreenPlay is a fictional account of one night in the famous Blue Room of Kansas City's Jazz District. What characterizes T.L. Sanders' spoken word poetry is his affinity for sound. He choreographs sound the way an artist chooses color. In his debut book, Sanders creates characters whose words rise up from the ashes to speak like nothing you've ever heard before. However, the narrative is familiar. You'll recognize these characters-- people you’ve met in your neighborhood or in the reflection of your mirror. These poems are part of a story Sanders weaves around Dr. J. Dean, a quiet family man, who flies to Kansas City to mourn the death of a father he hardly knew. There, in the old neighborhood where his father performed, The Blue Room holds just another stage where anyone can spit some lyrics. But this night, a new vision awakes when a community grieves a prodigal father. Something new emerges in the hearts of those willing to speak their truth . . . and just who takes the stage might surprise you. Released this July 2019 by Flying Ketchup Press. Order copies on

Poet TL Sanders, AKA Àtwist – The Language Artist, is an educator, poet, and performer. This former high school English teacher is now a curriculum writer for Frontier Schools, a National Writing Project teacher consultant, and Paper Birch Landing Art Gallery’s 2019 Poet in Residence Recipient. Whether he is public speaking, classroom teaching, or revising writing, he has a passion for empowering people. His goal is to inspire, evolve and expand language one word at a time. Find him on YouTube under Bethephenom Twitter @PoetTLSanders and at

Flying Ketchup Press A Brand New Kansas City Publisher for the epic acceleration of great literature. Founded in 2018 to discover and develop new voices in poetry, drama, fiction, and non-fiction with a special emphasis in new short stories. We are a publisher made by and for creatives in the Heartland. Our dream is to salvage lost treasure troves of written and illustrated work-- to create worlds of wonder and delight; to share stories. Maybe yours.

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