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puss_n_boots_cover_bowker_ 2020.jpg

by Polly Alice McCann

In this new collection, Puss ‘N Boötes: Dark Poems, Polly Alice plunges her readers into dark dreamscapes and ushers in folk tale characters as flickering stars to light the way through a dark night. Meet Characters like The White Cat, Dorothy of Oz, Red Riding Hood, Gerda & The Snow Queen, Castillo, Eve. With evocative imagery, wit and exquisite wordsmithing, Polly threads the theme of the Spring constellation, Boötes, the hunter shepherd, to illuminate coming out of the darkness and into a time of light. This is Polly’s third book of narrative poetry and a companion book to her first two, Kinlight (2017) and Tea with Alice (2019) both by Flying Ketchup Press. Find out more at

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