At Flying Ketchup Press, we believe in reading, in art, and in the music of language.  The Story Tree is our Picture Book Imprint, and we are so proud to share our books with you!  When did we first fall in love with reading?  When we were kids!  When a loved one shared the magic of words with us, the whimsical art of picture books.  And that adoration for reading opened up whole new universes of story for us.  That's why we publish children's books.  We seek out innovative and talented writers who are doing more than telling good stories: they're engaging the next generation in a world of letters, sounds, literacy, creativity, whimsy, imagination and a devoted love for reading. 


We believe in flights of fancy, in magic carpets; in flying through the sky with a cape; in a pig and a girl and a spider contemplating the meaning of life.  We believe in dogs that drive cars, and houses that get painted the wildest colors--all of the classics that made us love reading as children.  Now, we're bringing new and exciting author voices to you, with brilliant new spins on learning and reading, mystical new twists in story, and characters who will light up your imaginations. Come join us!  Find our new titles under Picture Books above.  We're so proud of these new books!

Our children’s books are created in partnership with The Story Tree, based in Madison, WI, and directed by our editor Nina Bricko.  The Story Tree's mission is to produce creative audiobooks and podcasts for young readers; to reach children and their families with the oral tradition of storytelling; to share concept books and folk traditions; and to connect diverse writers and young audiences in all media including audio, print, digital, and braille books.  Submissions through Submittable.com throughout the year.


Hitch a Ride on the Color Express

Story and Illustrations by Danielle D. Williams

What's That Sound?

Story and Illustrations by by Leanne Litka

Tomie Q. Barbeque

By Polly Alice McCann 

Illustrated by Mary Hendrix