To be Released 2019

The Dream Zone is our collection of weird and wonderful stories that are inspired by remembered or imagined dreams. Was your life changed by a dream? Or have you recreated a dream world to wow and inspire wonder? Then you’ve got the right material for us. 
Congratulations to our winners of this short story anthology to be published in paperback and e-book later this fall 2019! We are so happy for all the entries for our first three contests. We have condensed them into two books! The work was incredible and we were proud to select these amazing authors for "Tales from the Dream Zone!" They are in random order: "The Dream Keeper" by Leah Kuntz, "Barely Human" by Patrik Borosky, "The Vice Versa" by Angelique Fawns, "Sunday Afternoon Cocktails" by Ashley Memory, "Godflash" by Anne-Marie Yerks, "Little Moons" by Jacqueline Kenny, "One of Us" by Con Chapman, "In the Editing Room" by Maria Kamenetskaya, "Wishes" by Sandra Gould Ford, "Tethered" by Jeremy Schnee, "Dream Connections" by Alice G. Waldert, "Light of my Afterlife" by A.A. Rubin, and "Mist at Twilight" by Brian Burt. Please tag and share. We hope you share your good news. Congratulations!


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