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Flying Ketchup Press is an artist-run, woman-owned-and-operated publisher in Kansas City, Missouri. We were founded in 2018 by two tough Midwestern single moms, Alice Hixson and Polly McCann–writers who come from a long line of publishers, editors, book distributors, and storytellers. We believe that new and diverse work inspires more creativity, encourages artistic communities, and keeps great work from getting "lost" in a drawer. Ketchup stands for helping writers catch up. Don't bottle your creativity. Share it. 


We are based in the heartland—we do everything with heart and humor, with commitment and respect for what it takes to bring exceptional books to readers. Sit down with us at our kitchen table, where we dream big and bring amazing stories to life. We are a member of the CLMP Community of Literary Magazines and Presses.


At Flying Ketchup Press ® we champion new and diverse voices in short fiction and poetry. We publish books, anthologies, podcasts, online magazines, and contemporary media. Our dream: to share worlds of wonder and delight.




Coyote Point Press is the literary fiction imprint of Flying Ketchup Press, publishing short story collections that push the boundaries of contemporary short fiction.

Flying Ketchup Kids: Our mission is to produce books that help kids catch up on reading. From concept books to folk tales, we want to connect young audiences to the best books in audio, print, digital books. 


Light Shine Books is Flying Ketchup Press’s inspirational imprint, inviting readers into creative, courageous moments of daily meditation and faith. Light Shine exists to share diverse contemporary expressions of spirituality through thoughtful, engaging books and media. 

Salt & Fig Books folksy, narrative, free verse that is down to earth and strangely satisfying for our annual anthologies and collections. Our hybrid imprint is Pinch of Salt Press for regional and national solo poetry collections and chapbooks. 


Ketchupedia is an outreach of Flying Ketchup Press ® a grassroots network to connect the Kansas City & regional writers community through weekly blogs, a writer's word of the day podcast, a live poetry radio show, poet-in-residences, open mics, classes, and events like the Kansas City Poetry Jam. These tools allow regional artists to explore motivation, creative goals, and advocacy. Our editorial mentorships create an exponential poet-tree effect. Making room for poetry, as a space for personal narrative that empowers, heals, and unites diverse audiences.
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