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JULY 18 to AUGUST 1, 2021

Tickets coming soon. Fringe is "where adventurous audiences meet adventurous artists" This 14-day explosion of non-juried, uncensored performing and visual arts features performers and creators from all over: local, national and international artists. Fringe Festival KC is the biggest celebration of arts and culture in the Kansas City metropolitan region. Will you join us on the Fringe?


The kNew-Born (July 2021)

A New Digital Pathways Production

Camera/Editing: Denny Eugene Dey

Actor: Poet t.l. sanders

Characters: Terry Dean, Dr. Dennis, Dr. James Dean, Skoomo 


Known as “The Dean'' of the state penitentiary—Terry, a prodigious felon and a prodigal father, is offered another chance to earn parole. Over the years, his violent crimes against prison staff and fellow inmates, his continuous abuse and distribution of drugs and contraband, and his blatant disregard for prison rules have prevented any possibility of release. Now, as he seeks freedom, Terry hopes; he strives; he reaches out from within to become a better man than he has ever been. With coercive coaching from a crazy counselor named Dr. Dennis, might Terry win this fight against himself?


As the prequel to the award-winning solo show and published work, kNew: The Poetic Screenplay, The kNew-Born uses poetic elements as precedence for plot and character development. This film—equal to its stage-ready sequel—invites viewers to experience conscientious compassion for a convict and drug addict who craves a connection with his children.


What did reviewers think of kNew: The Poetic Screenplay?  


“Intense, gripping . . . a one-two punch . . . written in fire and delivered with thunder," writes reviewer Kelly Luck.

"Equally as riveting as For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf by Ntozake Shange," says Victor En Yu Tan, UMKC professor of lighting.


"Go see it! Poet T.L. sanders' kNew program is masterful! This is probably the highest quality performance I've seen in my nine years of Fringe attendance-- don't miss it! Powerful, beautifully acted, and a testament to perseverance and determination for a chance at a genuine life."

~Laura Marcus Mountjoy

kNew is a powerful storytelling performance that will leave you astounded by Sanders' unparalleled talent as a writer and performer. The caliber of his creativity, stage presence, and delivery deserve to be elevated to a broader stage and audience.  Look out Broadway, this is one for you! I'm reminded of the phenomenal 1975 theater performance of Tony Perkins in "Equus." An absolutely masterful show that most certainly IS the BEST of the BEST!

~Teresa Bronston Mckinley


Come see The kNew-Born


Sanders is a language artist who developed 'kNew" over the course of the last debuts at the 2019 Fringe Fest where he won the Producer's Pick Award. He has performed to diverse audiences in forms as variant as playing base and in modern dance performances, and has won many awards through NPC Championship Bodybuilding. In 2019 he performed at the Kauffman Performing Arts Center in the Lyric Opera of Kansas City’s production of The Pearl Fishers at the Gem Theater and at Kauffman Future Stages during Take the Stage's production of A Night at the Museum. In 2020 he performed at the American Jazz Museum, The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, Missouri Western State University, and The Blue Room for the Jay McShann Birthday Bash. Sanders is an educational speaker and a spoken word artist who performs at many state events and conferences. Find him on YouTube under Bethephenom and on Twitter @PoetTLSanders or Whether speaking, teaching, writing or breathing, he has a passion for empowering people. His goal is to inspire, evolve, and expand language one word at a time.

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Poet T.L. Sanders, AKA Àtwist – The Language Artist, is a modern-day renaissance man who lives to build minds and loves to body build. He speaks French. He plays bass. He is a cage fighting martial artist. He educates. Give him a stage, he articulates. Lend him an ear, he motivates. As a National Writing Project Teacher Consultant, a current curriculum director, and former elementary, middle, and high school English teacher, Sanders embraces the value of our shared stories. He will illuminate, educate, inspire, provoke, and surprise. To Sanders, the language arts are a way up and a way out. His vast experiences as a performer, speaker, event emcee, teacher, curriculum writer, and mentor, make his work meaningful to a wide variety of audiences. 

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