by LeAnne Bauman  Litka 


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Over and above a simple ABC book, "What's That Sound?" teaches the letters in the order of the most common sounds with the same strategic visual concepts used by literacy specialists in the field. Using artfully hand-cut illustrations, author-illustrator LeAnne Bauman Litka playfully engages young readers, inviting their fingers to track from top to bottom and left to right. Uniquely helpful to differing learning styles, this book includes smart visual cues to help readers discover beginning, middle, and end sounds.  It cleverly illustrates the idea that some letters represent more than one sound. Simple, neat, and readily applicable, this book provides beautiful time-tested objects and characters that become easily recognizable silhouettes, helping students connect sounds from everyday spoken words to their partner consonants and vowels. Alone or with guidance, children reading this book will enjoy interacting in a fun and engaging new experience as they learn.  They'll be rewarded by the increased self-confidence from a foundational understanding of their new "letter friends."

LeAnne Bauman Litka is a Kansas illustrator and author with a passion for literacy and art. She creates cut-paper illustrations from handmade monoprints with creative color patterns. Maker of llama T-shirts, fairy doors, and other creative endeavors, her favorite thing is her morning studio time. LeAnne studied art and design at Kansas State University before beginning her own studio practice. She uses her art and writing both for personal enjoyment, and to create whimsical, one-of-a-kind, resources for students, parents, and teachers.

A mother of four grown kids, she lives in the Kansas City area with her family and her Siberian husky. Look for more books and ideas in her series of fun and inspiring resources at LeAnneLitka.com.

Coming Aug 7th in hardback & paperback to Stores and Libraries near you!

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