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TOMIE BBQ Little Childrens Book Cover.png

Tomie Q. Barbeque is a whimsical children's picture book written by our Managing Editor, Polly Alice McCann, and illustrated by Mary Hendrix.  Tomie delivers ketchup from every trading post from Blue Bill to Crazy Cow--until he meets Anna Suzanna and must find a new taste to win her heart. Cowboys, a spice woman, a preacher and his whole congregation, and old characters from the historic MidWest come together to discover the answer to finding a new recipe in an adventure you won't forget.

MARY ANNE HENDRIX is a watercolorist from Dodge City, Kansas. She studied fashion design at Kansas State University. Throughout her art career, she has worked in many different mediums. She teaches elementary school art and loves to travel to the Southwest for its warm and vivid vistas. She lives on her family farm with a variety of horses, cows, and calico cats. And when they hold still, she paints them in her favorite color--cadmium yellow. Find out more about her creative work at

POLLY ALICE MCCANN writes and illustrates children’s books. She thinks stories are all about exploring our imaginations: creating new places, new inventions, new worlds and making new friends. She has a secret love for hearts (heart shapes and real ones!), and holds an MFA in writing for children and young adults from Hamline University. She is always planning the next adventure to share with whomever will come along. She lives in Kansas City, MO near a frog prince fountain. Check out her other books at

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