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Tales from the Deep

Coming June 2021

Congratulations to our illustrator for our 2019 Short Story Anthology, "Tales from the Deep." Alex Eickhoff is a vibrant artist and illustrator located in the Kansas City Area whose painterly artwork pushes the boundaries of imagination into the surreal and absurd with light, humor, and a shout into the darkness. We couldn't be luckier to have him and his hand-painted art for this collection!  Please follow his work on Instagram @eye_cough Read more about Alex on our blog. 


This short story collection takes readers deep into dystopian future water worlds and alien planets that look like home. You'll visit a doctor in the high mountains of Persia, dive into the microbiology of alien moons, then foray into the dark recesses of the lives of warriors, deep space travelers, cyborg creatures, and adventurers of all kinds. 

The idea for this contest and the original call for entry--along with the original artwork--was created with the help of last year's teen intern, Alex J. He did an entire semester of work on horror genre research work and why good short stories need to address elements of fear. Each story in 'Tales from the Deep' reveals evocative awakenings and acts of courage in dark and deep places. The winning stories selected with the help of our consulting Sci-Fi and Fantasy editors are just incredible! We couldn't be happier. 

Here are the finalists:

Falling by Harrison Blackman
Second Chances by Victoria Shannon
Plastic Jesus by Judith Ets-Hokin
Levi’s Song by John Waterfall
The Red Wolf Incident by Natasha Reeves
Amir Moo by Ali Azar
Neptune’s Children by Brian Burt
James McClintock Was a Rational Man by Thomas Winningham III
Aeriel by Samantha Bolf
Europa Explorer by Martin Rothaemel
Don’t Want the World to Turn Without You by Mathilde Rybka