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Welcome to our Anthology Moons are not Stars, including Write Over It-works by teens, Lost, a short story, and Back and Forth Poem.  For our Write Over It  project, Teen writers from all over the world were selected in 2019 and 2020 for this new book of provocative works by young authors.  Inside this issues: Write Over It: Teen Stories for Teens by Teens.  Art, poetry and more!  This publication is part of the the Teen Internship Program with Northland Caps in Kansas City, MO, and Flying Ketchup Press.  Write on!  We believe in your voice! 

Don't miss the short story in this issue Lost--an inspirational piece that reminds us when one doors closes, another always opens, and the fine free verse in our published poem Back and Forth Poem.  Find the flipbook/Zine for this book under our Ketchupedia drop-down link or go to and read to your heart's content.

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