by Danielle D. Williams


Meet Chuck, a creative but messy boy, stuck inside on a rainy day. In his room, Chuck imagines that his art becomes a train to The Colorful Places. With his friends Lion, Hippo, and Giraffe, he finds that colors are something more than he thought possible, and that imagination can take him anywhere he wants to go. More than a concept book, this is an inspirational adventure for young children exploring the concept of color, created by classroom art teacher Danielle D. Williams


DANIELLE D. WILLIAMS earned a BFA in Animation from Massachusetts College of Art & Design and went on to teach art at private schools, church events, early education centers, and workshops. She has taught as a continuing education and professional studies instructor for the Kansas City Art Institute. In 2016, Danielle completed her Master’s in Teaching and Learning. We are so honored to have Danielle as one of our newest authors, writing books for the very young with an emphasis on visual and kinetic learning.

Come join us for a beautiful dive into the world of color in Danielle's book Hitch a Ride on the Color Express.  Let yourself (and your kids) be swept away in a world of beauty, light and wonder!