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Ketchupedia Podcasts are a bright spot on the creativity world map!  Find interviews with our authors, artists and illustrators, as well conversations with community arts leaders and cultural mavens, and podcasts bring you the rich, bright, vivid world of what it means to be a creative soul.  Word of the Day, our managing editor Polly Alice McCann's exceptional brainchild, invites artists and authors to choose a word that inspires them, then podcast away about how that word provides courageous inspiration as it shows up in his/her/their life. 


At Flying Ketchup Press, we believe--with all our hearts and souls--that getting the inspired work of our hearts and hands out into the world is important, life-changing and sometimes, even world-altering.  We believe in helping artists and authors birth their work into the world--to get that expression that's gnawing at them out, finessed and polished.  We stand for our artists and authors--we treat them like they are sitting at our kitchen table, offering support, kindness, and a publishing platform to get their very best work into the world.  Listen in!  Get inspired!  

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