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Universe in a Bottle is Flying Ketchup Press's Zine Anthology, featuring short fiction from the brave minds of our best science fiction writers. Check your well-worn assumptions about how the world works at the door, and let yourself be transported to the far-flung possibilities of the universe--all without leaving your arm chair.  Featuring writers from across the country and the globe--you'll find yourself electrified and compelled by the imaginations of our provocative authors.  Get ready to be taken away!  

Universe in a Bottle was inspired by our writer's contest, Tales from Time.  We searched for the best Sci-Fi short stories that take place in weird, wild new worlds. Join us for stories full of surprises, twists, mysterious creatures, technological wonder, and things you've never even dreamed of.  

Congrats to all of our Sci-Fi authors whose work was chosen for this anthology:

Life's Work by Matthew Brown

Conrade Slug's Thermos by Travis Flatt

Oneiropathy by Soramimi Hanarejima

The Loving Kindness of Pidgeon Feather and Jazz Music by Hal Hulan

Inner Child by Lauren Leach-Steffens

The Three Rules to Ignore When Training Your Robot by Matt Thomas

Universe in a Bottle by Amrita Bhasin

Purity Test by Brian Dietrich

Precious Metals by Jill Bronfman

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