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Blue City Poets: Kansas City, illustrated by SAV Art Gallery's Michael Savage with Cover Art by Susan Kiefer. Blue City Poets hail from the pulse of a starlit Mid-Town roof to the beat of a cicada-humming, July-blue-summer day; from memories of the rolling prairie to the squeaky wheel of the shopping cart on a blizzard-ready night on the Eastside. Kansas City is home to the blues in a dozen ways. Come sit for a spell with like-minded memories, or visit us for the first time. The words of Kansas City poets will draw you in with a longing that is as lush as it is enjoyable, and make you agree, 'There's no place like home.' Illustrated with lush, buoyant paintings by Michael B Savage, SAV art gallery. Works by Malcolm Byers, Kēvin Paul Callahan, William Edward Dozier, Melissa Goodnight, Jamie Lynn Heller, Mary-Lane Kamberg, C.M. Millen, Frances A. Rove, Mary Silwance, T.L. Sanders, Taylor Ware. Read more on our Blue City Poets Story page or our blog.

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