by Polly Alice McCann

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Pray Like a Woman, by our beloved Managing Editor Polly Alice McCann is an extraordinary into the devotional power of closing one's eyes and connecting with the divine.  A bok described as “Tiger Mother” meets “The Power of a Praying Wife,” it chronicles one ordinary woman’s life through prayer and faith. One size prayer does not fit all. Polly says, "You wouldn’t eat the same meal every day for your entire life, and one kind of prayer won’t do either." Meet author and artist, Polly Alice McCann as she shares her surprising journey as a single mom finding a path to a life of prayer despite every obstacle, and every reason to doubt.

Dive with her into powerful and humorous retellings of twelve women in scripture as meditations on their “prayer lives."  Find out how their perceptions of God could infuse a whole new energy into your faith journey, your daily prayer right now!

Polly Alice McCann's writing has been called "flourishing" and "unexpected." PRAY LIKE A WOMAN gives readers new insight, energy, and direction through the contemporary retellings of the lives of women from Christian and Jewish Scriptures. Like nothing else you’ve read about these narratives, each one is combined with humorous and heartwarming tales from the author’s life, and about how these women's stories helped her overcome myths that blocked her from faith, hope, and a life of fulfilment and connection. Polly, the granddaughter of a Baptist Minister and several generations of prayer warriors from the Heartland, shares simple time-tested Biblical methods of prayer. Join her on a  journey from college student to Pastor's wife to single mother, opening an art gallery, then becoming an author; believing in God for both small and big miracles of the heart each and every day.