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We are a trademarked traditional press in our fourth year. WE ARE NOT OPEN TO UNSOLICITED MANUSCRIPTS, queries, submissions, or proposals EXCEPT FOR proposals from author/illustrators (see our flying ketchup kids page and contact Nina Bricko). We will accept whole book submissions to our hybrid poetry press, Pinch of Salt press beginning September 30th, 2022 through our submittable page. Though we don't print books for clients, we hope you can keep connecting, writing, and sharing your work. To help, we will continue to update our site with resources on our Ketchupedia page.


WE DO ACCEPT SUBMISSIONS FOR OUR ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY OF SHORT FICTION AND POETRY.  We host several writing contests each year through Submittable. CONTESTS OPEN THIS YEAR October 1st, 2022 THROUGH MARCH 15TH, 2023. We focus on sharable, archival, printed anthologies instead of monthly periodicals. We want authors to reach a wider audience.

 HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO HEAR BACK? It can take 3 to 4 months to hear back from us after a contest series closes. We were close much of 2021 due to Covid but we will get back to everyone who submitted. 


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