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ARE WE OPEN TO UNSOLICITED MANUSCRIPTS, OR, DO WE PRINT BOOKS FOR YOU?  No. We are a trademarked professional press in our fourth year.  So sorry, but we are not open to unsolicited queries, submissions, or proposals for manuscripts, except through our open calls for submissions (through although we do accept author/illustrator queries for character driven picture books. See our Children's Imprint. We do promote new and diverse voices (writers without previous publishing credits) in our poetry and fiction collections, and we are proud to do so.  Though we don't print books for clients, we know people who do, so we will keep updating our site with resources. We have just begun a bulletin board with information for editors and writers on our Ketchupedia page.


WHAT SUBMISSIONS DO WE ACCEPT AND WHERE?  We host several writing contests for poetry, art, short stories, and creative nonfiction each year through Submittable. Submit often and share our contests. We pride ourselves on having each submission read by 2 to 3 expert judges as well as offering positive and encouraging individual feedback on as many of our entries as possible. Click on each contest link for more details. We only accept submissions through Submittable.

 HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO HEAR BACK? It can take 3 to 4 months to hear back from us after a contest series closes. We were close much of 2021 due to Covid but we will get back to everyone who submitted. 

WE ACCEPT SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS: And, we are willing to reprint a story or poem for which an author retains copyright.  We stand for excellent writing everywhere, and particularly on our printed pages!