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Light Shine Books is an imprint of Flying Ketchup Press ® to invite new readers into creative courageous moments of daily meditation and faith; to bring light to dark places, and calm in the storm. Begun in 1974 with George and Stan Hixson a father and son team who drove across the Midwest distributing helpful books on faithful living, it exists in order to share diverse contemporary expressions of faith through thoughtful engaging books and media.



Open and available to readers from different backgrounds, experiences, and faiths, this book dissolves the myths that keep you from prayer so you too can see God’s work in your life, in the life of your family, your community, and world.

Devoid of "Christianese" or hard-to-get religious concepts, McCann shares fresh insight through twelve easy-to-remember prayers like "basket prayer," "patchwork prayer," and "flag prayer." Blended with stories from her real life: working with migrant workers, standing in bread lines, visiting hippie nuns, Polly Alice shares her journey from budding college student to Pastor's wife; from single mother to small businesswoman; from writer to speaker; believing in God for both small and big miracles of the heart.

Artist, Polly Alice McCann, has served in every capacity at your local church except lawn care and Pastor (and well, she has never baptized anyone.) Just when her hope seemed the most shattered, Polly was blown away by the story of Tabitha–an artist who came back to life. With the images of Tabitha's grieving friends holding up her creations fresh in Polly's mind, she set out to explore the idea of healing through prayer. First through small textile collages, then large oil paintings, and finally sixty-six letters to friends. Twelve of those meditations became this memoir, "Pray Like a Woman." 

ISBN-13: 978-1-970151-22-0 softcover $16.99

ISBN-13: 978-1-970151-31-2 hardcover $24.99

ISBN-13: 978-1-970151-32-9 Epub $5.99

Pg Count: 284 pages

July 2023

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Sprouts our first devotional project!

“This is what the kingdom of God is like. A man scatters seed on the ground. Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how."

Mark 4:26-28 

SPROUTS is a collection of contemporary meditations on faith, hope, and love by more than twenty-five poets, artists, authors, and contemplatives from as many faith backgrounds. These creatives share their remarkable journeys to joy and sustenance.


Gentle, humble, ecumenical, these meditations create moments of wonder and solace to reflect that this journey is one we walk together. Even when we don’t know how, faith sprouts up where we least expect it. Simple scriptures accompany both prose and poetry to remind you there are seasons of rest and renewal for your heart, mind, and spirit.

This book glows with beauty. Illustrated with luscious pastels and paintings by featured artist Cheryl Moran, in addition to more than four dozen original works by meditative artists. Travel the seasons of the inner life, from doubt to fullness, from sorrow to joy, from sprout to harvest. This uplifting collection is a unique spiritual retreat for the creative soul.


Ashley Anderson, Co Bauman, Judy Crissey, Chris De Man, Penny Fairman, Baily Carrick Hindmarsh, Alice Hixson, Kelly Key, Delaney Kochan, Teresa lara, Henry Lewis, LeAnne Litka, Polly MCCann, Cheryl Moran, Julia Otterness, Catharine Phillips, Carol Pikę, Tamra Plotnick, Laura Reece Hogan, Janet McMillan Rives, Jane Spriggs, Brianne Turczynski, Linda Vonderschmidt-LaStella, Linsey Weishar, Fran Westwood, Danielle Williams and Suzanne Young. ​

ISBN-13: 978-1-970151-52-7 softcover $ 27.99

Pg count: 144 full color pages

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