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Picture Book Editor

I’ve been working as an independent Editorial Illustrator since 2018. I've been a children's book author since 2008. I have an MFA in writing for children and young adults with my thesis in picture books. I studied with and have had mentorships with award-wining authors like Jaqueline Briggs Martin, Phyllis Root, Jane Resh Thomas, and Claire Rudolf Murphy. I have also studied poetry under several award-winning poets and authors and with my undergraduate degree in art, I am able to give you really helpful advice to create a professional quality children's book to send to agents, editors, or straight to the printer!



"Her long and lean arm draped elegantly to the ground--it was elegant, wasn't it?--as she pulled a green leaf from the space between her sandal and her toes.  The rush of watching her filled me again, and this time the arousal made my face flush."

JoAnneh Nagler, Short Fiction Author, Coyote Point Press



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SAN FRAN writers

Meet JoAnneh Nagler, short fiction author
for our new imprint, Coyote Point Press

What is your work in San Francisco?

I'm a professional writer (how amazing to say that!) and an interdisciplinary artist—trying to leave all of it on the field in this life—so I also perform as a singer, and paint mixed media paintings.  I've used the indoor-time this year to complete a book of short stories, and just finished my first novel.  I'm thrilled to be working with Flying Ketchup Press.

Tell us about your writing...

I was born in Northern California, near San Francisco, and when I was ten years old my parents moved my family to a tiny lake town in central Wisconsin.  I remember standing on the side of the road in Nevada after the first day’s drive, thinking, “Huh.  So this is what it is to just go.”  Then, when I was eighteen, I took a bus one way across the country and went back to California, then Colorado, then Florida, then Cape Cod, Vermont, and more. Those journeys have deeply influenced my fiction writing, infusing my character’s hearts with a feeling of searching for something, a feeling that took up residence in my own heart at an early age. The imagery of landscapes is vivid for me as well: the Midwest, the West, and other places feel like characters to me in my work, the geography and cultures themselves full of emotion. I love to write with an ear for sensuality—mining the quests we all face in our emotional lives, our partnering, our healing from difficult things, our family lives, and love affairs. I’m interested in the adult balancing act of how we get our needs for closeness and meaning met, and then what we do with our pull toward desires, outside-the-lines sensual adventures, and blurry-lined exploration.     

I wrote three nonfiction books: Naked Marriage, How to Be An Artist Without Losing Your Mind, Your Shirt or Your Creative Compass, and The Debt-Free Spending Plan all about learning simple adult life skills. When I wrote a play called Ruby and George in Love that got produced at Sonoma Arts Live Theatre Company, it was that play that drew me into fiction as a writer.  I couldn’t stop writing it, and the characters just kept talking to me. It's been like that ever since!  Now, my first short fiction collection, Stay with Me, Wisconsin will come out from Flying Ketchup’s new imprint Coyote Point Press, and I couldn’t be happier. Coyote Point Press will focus on the niche of contemporary short fiction--work that's provocative, brave and compelling.  So, I'm honored to be published!

What inspires you?

Honestly, it’s life itself. It’s my experiences and the people I love (or have loved) that speak to me most pressingly. It’s as if the stories are alive inside me, knocking on my heart, saying, “Me!  Me next!”  Many times, there’s a spark of memory—like riding down a Key West lane on a bike—and then I build on that from my imagination. Or, sometimes it’s simpler: a neighbor told me one day about a friend who was a perfume editor and boom! I had a kind of instant vision of Gil in my Leaving Lefty story, then I had the first line. Another day, I woke up thinking of fishing for white bass with my dad—something I hadn’t thought about in years—and I had a vision of this woman grieving, fishing alone. That birthed my Fishing story. Where does it come from? Living. I think it comes from just living and paying attention and trying to love every part of it, even falling down and messing up parts. It’s so human writing fiction, and it makes me feel humble and grateful for every bit of my living experience.

Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 10.08.55

"Little Did I know" by JoAnneh Nagler, San Francisco, CA

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