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Author, Spoken Word Artist, TL Sanders creates something "kNew"

What characterizes TL Sanders' spoken word poetry is his affinity for sound. He choreographs sound the way an artist chooses color—and the color of his first work is blue like Jazz. What we have here, is an artist willing to let words tell their own tale, to rise up from the ashes to weave characters you rarely meet on the blank page. However, you'll recognize these people-- people you’ve met in your neighborhood or in the reflection of your mirror. These poems are part of a story Sanders weaves around a prodigal father many experience, but few have the courage to form into words. First "kNew" the chapbook shares some selected works by this debut author, teacher and language artist. Look for the complete screenplay coming soon.

In his screenplay, “kNew,” TL Sanders, explores a biopic rendering of one man’s life on the day of his father’s death. Unlike a traditional collection of spoken word poems, Sanders couches his lyrical language art into the setting of open mic night with entire cast of players. Readers will recognize Kansas City’s historic Blue Room off 18th and Vine where past poets have become mere memory. Enter Dr. James Dean-- Dean of Education at Penn State University, arrives to sit a spell and search for answers about his father’s death. Sure anyone can spit some lyrics, but on this night just who is in the audience will surprise him. The memories they share weave a story about the truth of their past, and the beginning of something new and unexpected-- family.

TL Sanders, AKA Àtwist – The Language Artist, is an educator, poet and performer. This former high school English teacher is now a curriculum writer, a National Writing Project teacher consultant, and Paper Birch Landing Art Gallery’s 2019 Poet in Residence Recipient. Whether he is public speaking, classroom teaching, or writing, he has a passion for empowering people. His goal is to inspire, evolve and expand language one word at a time. Find him on YouTube under Bethephenom and on Twitter @PoetTLSanders. His Chapbook comes out this spring on Amazon with his unusual hybrid screen play/ spoken word soon after.

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