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PO-etry Festival News and Opportunities

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

We are so thankful to everyone who came out to celebrate our one year anniversary and the launch of our first seven poetry books!

So what is the Fountainverse Poetry festival like? "We’re a 3-day, small-press, poetry festival and book fair. We’re a showcase for performing poets from all over the country. We’re open mics and guerrilla readings. We’re a writing workshop and a smallpress publishers’ panel. And we’re full of books. So many books!"

We collected some intel on how do poets get involved in these glorious publication projects and we thought we'd share them here.

But first we want to thank Our Daily Nada. And the staff at Fountainverse-- and Charlotte Street Foundation. Thanks to Kevin Paul Callahan who designed three of our books for the festival and has continued on as Art Director! Thank you to Carie Sanders for brilliantly designing two of our covers. And for Poet TL Sanders for being the emcee for our event with a lot of energy-- and thanks to Dr. Alice Hixson for her rousing speech (which may soon to be a YouTube series-- like tomorrow). Much applause to Sean O’Connor for the amazing music and Thanks to the Blue City Poets who were able to read— Mary Lane Kamberg, Mary Silwance and William E Dozier. We really missed all of you who were out of town and especially Frances Rove who was in the hospital and couldn't come to read her poem. We really appreciate all of you. To find out about next year, keep an eye on our blog, fb or IG.

We have already posted next year’s poetry contests on submittable. We have one called Giants about fairytale retellings. A special called Dark Poetry. And a chance to be next year's Poet in Residence. Be on the look out for our first international collection of poetry, "The Very Edge" coming out early next year! And thanks to you for supporting, cheering, visiting and reading. If you missed us on KKFI 90.1 ARTSPEAK RADIO here is a link with the podcast.

And now the links to submit your poetry! supports local area Poets in chapbooks and more!

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