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Young International Authors in Print and now on The Story Tree Podcast

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Find some of our amazing short stories by kids for kids featured this June 2020 at The Story Tree Podcast.

The Story Tree brings new and wonderful stories from children's’ book authors to kids--and anyone who loves a good story. For a special feature this summer, they will host our students from Tales of the Wish Zone! Each story is narrated by voice artist, author, and producer Nina B. Do you write for kids? Check out their website to submit and listen to our episodes at

“At The Story Tree, we want to support the children’s book writing community by getting more stories out into the world" writes Nina B. "There are so many important and beautiful narratives that don’t reach an audience because they are in oral or folk tradition, they are local interest stories or cultural tales that don’t fit the traditional publishing market. Audio publishing is a new way to share that wonderful tradition to a wider audience in a beautiful, creative, and unique way through audio podcasts. That’s where we come in. Find us on all your listening devices.” 

Nina Bricko has an MFA in Creative Writing for Children from Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. A former Amazon publishing as an Associate Editor and Project Manager for Amazon Crossing, the translation imprint dedicated to bringing diverse voices to English speakers, Nina teaches at Madison College and serves as the co-founder and director of Mighty Seeds Forest School and Outdoor Daycare in Madison, Wisconsin. 

In December 2019 we released our first young authors' collection...

Tales from the Wish Zone is a collection of stories for kids by kids from age seven to eleven. This collection features winning stories from our annual contest which includes children from across the globe writing in English. These adventures boast all the greats: elves, dragons, detectives, and school principals along with young heroes who not only share their creative writing with you, they share their “Wish for the World.” Read work by the next-gen and catch their vision for the future. Included are 9 writers prompts for young writers and a place for them to make their wish and write their story.

This book project was inspired by working with writers of all ages. Flying Ketchup Press ® is a trademarked small press in Kansas City, Missouri established by Polly Alice McCann to develop new and diverse voices in poetry and short story. Our dream is to salvage lost treasure troves of written and illustrated work-- to create worlds of wonder and delight; to share stories. Maybe yours. We are grassroots * artist-run * and ready to help authors and artists "catch up" by sharing their work with a wider audience. We want writers of all ages to share their creativity and imagination with the world. Story sharing is something we all need. It empowers writers and audiences. That's why we started a small press for short stories and poetry. Short stories are a huge tradition in every culture. They are something that can stick with you over time, something that fits into your pocket, that you can take anywhere. We wanted a chance to share with young people how fun it is to write a story and even better to share one.

Thank you to these brave kids from around the world who entered their stories into our contest in 2018. We chose stories from a variety of age groups and each story highlights a different genre of the short story. In December of 2019, the collection was published as an interactive book. Inside, the wishes of these authors for the world with prompts and space for you to write your own story and your own wishes. What the next generation believes and hopes for their world is important, and when we listen to each other we can help our wishes come true! 

Our next contest is called Tales from Castle Keep. Send us your stories about magic, adventure, royalty, or mysterious castles, palaces, and ancient places. The contest will end on June 30th at Midnight Central Standard Time. If you'd like to be published in the next collection, please send us your writing or art. The link to our submittable entry page is on our website. Next time watch out for news about our Teen contest Winners.

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