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Events this Month! Two Book Launches and a Memorial event with our Poet in Residence...

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

First, I want to share about our Poet in Residence. Her book coming out next year is about this experience she had of becoming an advocate for those in trafficking and doing this work through art and poetry.

You are invited on October 24th from noon to 2 p.m. to "Into the Light" by our Poet in Residence, Hasna Sal. "Into the Light" is a project that is inspired by the story of survivor Christine McDonald. This is the first memorial in the nation for the victims and survivors of human trafficking. "Comprised of 4 glass panels, each telling a story of isolation, damnation, redemption, and salvation; this installation "Into the Light”, will be installed at Lykins Park, KCMO this fall. This is a collaboration of Habitat for Humanity of Kansas City and Lykins Neighborhood Association and our poet, Hasna Sal, including her company Glass Concepts 360. The Groundbreaking Ceremony of the First Memorial in the nation for victims of Human Trafficking. Here is a film of her speaking about this work.

"Save the time and date and come join us in supporting these true heroes who have faced misery and have come out fighting strong and are now working towards saving other victims.

Groundbreaking Ceremony Details :

When : October 24th, 2020

Where : Lykins Square Park, Kansas City, MO

Time : 12:00 pm

Hasna is an architect by profession. She credits her post-graduate studies from Harvard in landscape architecture for her current work in sculpture; work that translates her observations and study of nature through glass forms encompasses casting, kiln-formed glass, Fritography, and torchworking. As an artist and poet, she identifies herself as the raconteur; bringing to light stories that are overlooked or forgotten or uncomfortable. Hasna believes art must step beyond the liminalities of aesthetics and transcend into the realm of social reformation.

'If I can do something that brings attention to this issue and help women like Christine McDonald and [Veronica’s Voice founder] Kristy Childs who are doing profound work in their spheres to try and empower women, why can’t I do my part and use my knowledge, my expertise, to create something powerful that can create a larger conversation at a national level, at a global level?' Salam

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