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Saturday, Nov 21st Author Panel, New News, New Contests!

Join in! Our Managing Editor will be talking about Tales From the Dream Zone and other publications from Flying Ketchup Press.

Coming in the next few months: Memberships to advertise your editing or design business, words from our 2021 Poet in Residence, the 2020 winners announcements for our Dark Forest Collection as well as Sci-Fi news. Our new Podcast, Ketchupedia: Words for Writers, new books coming out with LeAnne Bauman Litka's "What's That Sound?" an incredible picture book that teaches reading like never before. News about new partnerships, projects, and Imprints. Our 2020 Inspired Writing Life Award. Stay tuned and share our blog with friends who want to catch up on their writing life. But first, Our new contests! Also, explore and submit your work to our fantastic new contests in progress... They are available now and some will be offered monthly through June. Check them out!

FAST FORWARD: What Would Your Favorite Historical Poet Think About Life in the 21st Century? FAST FORWARD to the bizarre reality of what poets are like in any century Emily Dickinson is addicted to Facebook and possibly self-publishing chapbooks on Lulu, Byron feels guilty for ordering from Amazon Prime, Homer can't help taking on Uber jobs so he can tell long war stories to an audience who can't escape. Shakespeare teaches community college and runs his own nightly Political Satire Youtube under the radar. What would your favorite historical poet be doing today in the 21st century? Whether you take on their voice or just tell-all tabloid-style; whether you address the addictive technology of our present-day future or an important modern-day movement, try out this time travel call for poetry and art that speak to both past and present. The top 12 finalists will be published in our blog with Flying Ketchup Press in 2021 as the poet spotlight of the month. You'll get social media and blog all about you with the online publication of your poem. We will also invite you to make a video. We will share on our Youtube channel, and post it on our website of you reading or performing your poem. 

Creativity. Let it happen. Let's think about the poets of the past and the poets of the present. How are we alike? What is easier. Fast forward. Tell us what your favorite poet would be like today. 

C-Note: Celebrating 100 Years of the Short Story

C-NOTE is a fabulous contest for 2020 writers. The originators of today's modern story storm form created the literary genre we love today, but often they are out of copyright. Some forgotten gems lie ready to be dusted off and put back on the shelf. Let's celebrate short stories in the public domain by updating, editing, altering, or celebrating one of your favorite modern tales. Join in this time travel call for short fiction that speaks to both past and present.

Creativity. Let it happen. Let's think about the authors of the past and who we are today. How are we alike? What is easier. Fast forward. Re-tell that same story today.

Bold Face: Poetry (and Art) about Strength

BOLD FACE is what 2020 was about. Our 2021 contest is about bravery. Whether you take on a strong voice or just share a story about someone fearless, someone who had the nerve to stand up for what was right, make a difference, change the world, send us a poem about it. Paint us a portrait in words. Past, present, or future. Take us on a journey of strength. Finalists will be published in an upcoming collection with Flying Ketchup Press and video entries will be posted on our Youtube channel.

Creativity. Let it happen. Let's think about who we admire that has strength? When was the last time we spoke up? Fast forward. Share with us your poems and artwork when you or someone you know had the boldness to be strong. 

Double Spaced: Bloggers (Vloggers) The Writing Life, How it's done

DOUBLE SPACED is a Blog series about The Writing Life. Share about the writing life. You've had the nerve to be a writer. You have a writing life, a writing process, a writing vision, publications or possible publications, degrees or possible degrees, you've taught classes, taken classes and you want to share about it. You want to share about the writing life, how you've done it, why we keep writing. If you've already been published with us ask for the link to submit your entry. Otherwise submit through submittable so we can get to know you! Finalists will be published on the Flying Ketchup Press Blog. Creativity. Let it happen. Let's think about what is our writing process and how did we first discover we were a writer? Fast forward. Share with us your journey.

If you are a published poet and you would like to volunteer with Flying Ketchup Press as a juror, send us a line at epic acceleration at Gmail dot com.

Flying Ketchup Press ® is a trademarked small press in Kansas City, Missouri established to develop new and diverse voices in poetry and short story. Our dream is to salvage lost treasure troves of written and illustrated work—to create worlds of wonder and delight; to share stories. Maybe yours. 

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