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July 4th Live Radio Show call with Seattle Poet, Samantha Malay & You can call in too!

You may wonder what those in the theatre industry have been doing this last year. Samantha Malay has spent many years in the wings of Seattle's Broadway plays, sewing and mending costumes for our favorite productions, even the likes of Hamilton!

Hear Samantha read her poetry on Sunday and you can call in to read a poem too! Call in to the Ketchupedia Radio Show live July 4th. You can read a short poem (up to 25 lines). The prompt is "You are my sunshine" but we leave it to your imagination. Call between 6:30 and 7 pm CST to the radio show with Polly Alice McCann and Richard Parilla at (816) 513-0723 to read a short summer poem!

So what's happening in the Flying Ketchup Press Studio? Samantha is our poet in residence from Seattle, working remotely. She has spent the last six months writing her first poetry collection. Her courage and creativity with her "downtime" in her career due to COVID inspired us not only to invite her to create a solo collection of Poetry with Flying Ketchup Press. She also inspired us to bring one of our dreams to reality: Find a way to help more poets understand the process of creating a collection of poetry.

Sure there are many ways to share great ways to participate and improve the craft of poetry. But Samantha is helping us create a program to inspire, encourage and build up more poetry editors. Because as a publisher we can only publish one or two full collections of poets per year, we figured we hadn't made much of a dent in the problem of poets trying to find a way to share their work. But with our Poetry Editor in Residence Program. Each new poetry editor can help and support more poets. Then the work is exponential. It creates what we are calling a "poet-tree effect." Want to know more? Read all about Samantha Malay, Seattle, Washington Poet doing an online Kansas City poetry residence here...and what inspires her work in last month's blog. #writing #artist #poetry #author #film.

Ketchupedia Poetry Radio is available now on Spreaker, Spotify, and wherever you listen to your podcasts! Enjoy it or previous airings on Spreaker. Or Listen Live Sundays at 6 pm on 101.1 KONN OneKc Radio. Get the app.

Want to know how to be creative this summer? And embrace creativity every day of your life? This week's episode of Ketchupedia is live with artist, author, editor, JoAnneh Nagler. Her Social Media takeover starts this weekend. Read her blog, and podcast here.

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Want to read our last poetry anthology The Very Edge with art and poetry by Samantha Malay? Poems edited by Polly Alice McCann and Araceli Esparza. The Very Edge is an intense collection of urgent and inspiring poetry that brings together writers in English, Spanish, and French. Co-edited by Polly Alice McCann and Araceli Esparza, it celebrates thirty-six contemporary poets such as New York poet, Anne Whitehouse, and Kansas Poet Laureate, Huascar Medina. Let them take you on a journey across border towns and prairies to the top of the Swiss Alps; fly from the waters of the Amazon to Manhattan rooftops into an arid land where you can sit at the table and hear stories woven from the frayed edges of our hope. With art direction by designer, Kēvin Callahan, this book features several artists including the work of textile designer and photographer, Samantha Malay, and incredible meditative portraits by award-winning artist, Mano Sotelo.

Flying Ketchup Press ® grassroots and artist-run, we are a trademarked small press in Kansas City using traditional and hybrid publishing formats established to develop new and diverse voices in poetry and short story. Our dream is to salvage lost treasure troves of written and illustrated work-- to create worlds of wonder and delight; to share stories.

Maybe yours.

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