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Weekend Writers and Poets in the Kansas City Area

Be well. Stay well. Share a rhyme, a dream, a smile. Workshops and author talks for kids and adults this weekend with Johnson County Library

We had so much fun helping dream up this way to write together: Here’s how it works: Use all five prompts to lead you through a written adventure in any way you imagine.

Write prose or poetry or anything in between. Aim for 500 words or less for each part of your journey.

Have fun!

If you feel comfortable doing so, upload your finished work between November 1, 2020, and December 31, 2020.

Three winners will be chosen to receive one of the following: a coaching session with Philip Denver of Bard Coaching OR twenty pages of free editing plus Q&A from Authorpreneurship Coach Jessica Conoley OR an editing session with Polly Alice McCann of Flying Ketchup Press.

1. You check out a book from the Johnson County Library’s Central Branch and head out driving west onto I70. The prairie is beautiful until you notice black clouds coming up behind you. Your engine light comes on, so you take the next exit, a rest stop you don’t remember ever seeing before in which the sign reads, Night Forest 1 mile… Write up to 500 words.

2. Suddenly you realize you are kind of lost. It seems really dark for afternoon and you find yourself in a forest. Toto, you for sure aren’t in Kansas anymore. You are thinking of getting back in your car and ignoring the engine light when someone comes up behind you... Write up to 500 words.

3. Just when you think things can’t get any stranger, the rain and lightning start, the sky turns greenish-yellow, and you hear strange winds whistling like a train coming. You don’t panic. You try to remember what to do from scout camp, back in the day. You are deciding between hiding under an enormous pine tree or laying down in a ditch you see up ahead, which you distinctly remember is for lightning or tornadoes (and at this point, you could be in danger of both). You are leaning toward […] when you notice two things: a small cave in a little green hill to your west and a hot air balloon parked on top of it with no one inside. You immediately run to...Write up to 500 words.

4. Just when you think your day is turning out rather well-considering everything-you realize the jig is up. They’ve found you. Should you fight back, run, or prepare a very zesty speech to get them on your side?... Write up to 500 words.

5. Morning finally comes. When you wake up, you find your car safely parked at the rest stop in Kansas. There aren’t many trees, if any, around. Inside your car, you find your library books and a note that reads... Write up to 500 words.

After November 1st, when you’ve finished all five prompts, submit your entire piece by clicking the Apply button (below).

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