"Write Over It" Contest Winners: International Teen Creatives

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Thanks to our teen intern this semester from the Northland Caps program. We rebooted our teen contest and advertised on social media for young writers and creatives. We met through the stay at home order online and by phone after our studio meetings were cut short. Lauren M. was a senior in high school finishing up her last three credits for her diploma in a tiny town in Missouri. A muralist and avid writer, she set out to help us find teen writers and artists to publish. We so admired her positive attitude and her ability to talk about creative work with an editorial eye.

We decided on this theme inspired by her experience as a creative in highschool taking hours of copious notes for class:

"Do you ever feel like you're running out of room? Do you just need a little more space, a place to spread your wings? Well.. just write over it. Write all over it. Whether prose or poetry, share your short story with us. This is a collection of teen stories for teens-- ages 12 to 17...Winners of our story contest will receive a free copy of the book with publication. Winning stories will also be featured in both softcover and eBook editions titled, "Write Over it!" This book includes a page bio from every teen author and their goals for the future and their question to the world."

Well, it worked! Six months later. Here are the winners of the teen writing, art, and poetry contest:

  1. "What I would have wanted" by Megan McLaughlin, age 16, now at Trinity Prep School in Winter Park, Florida

  2. "Eileen Renneman is not dead" by Mary Voet, a high school grad now at Northern Michigan University pursuing a degree in English Writing

  3. "Sugar Eats Calcium" by Avalon Felice Lee, age 16, a sophomore at Notre Dame San Jose High School.

  4. "Lost" by Shayla Dutta just finished 8th grade out in California.

  5. "Lake Natrone" by Maggie Grabill, age 15 from West Michigan

  6. "Love Never Dies" by Elisa Dash, age 12 from Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Edison, NJ

  7. "Home" by Trinity Umana a junior at Olathe North High School in Kansas.

  8. "Forgetting" a poem by Reagan Ricker who was a 7th grader at St. Margaret's Episcopal School

  9. "Back and Forth" a poem by Kari Trai, age 17, in Menlo Park, California who attends Menlo Atherton High School

  10. "The Gold Disk" by Amrita Bhasin who just finished her first year at UC Berkeley

  11. "The Pestering Shadow" by Ariella Tamariz-Ella, age 17, and attends Palmer Trinity School in Miami Florida

  12. "Melon Mischief" by Maggie Munday Odom, age 17, and attends Grove School in Madison, CT.

  13. "White Flag," by Heather Schulte, a 15-year-old from Colorado

  14. "The Fight" a poem by Luke Avigliano, a soon to be senior in HS in New Jersey.

Art Winners:

"Stand strong" by Avery Multer, an 8th-grade student at the Lycée Français de Chicago, pursuing a bilingual French/English IB Diploma.

"Nature" by Hyewon Cho, a sophomore attending Korean International School in Seoul, South Korea.

"Surrounded" by Sarah Yun, Seoul International School in South Korea.

"Borders" by Choong Yoon Lee, a sophomore attending Westminster High School in Simsbury, Connecticut.

**"Portal Portrait" by Michelle Kim, a 10th grader attending Seoul International School in South Korea is our first place, art winner.

"Flower Dance" by Ryan Seo, a high school student attending Seoul Foreign School in South Korea.

"Encroaching" by Isabella Kim, Isabella Kim is a high school student attending Seoul International School in South Korea.

"Dragging My Feet," Ellie Ko, a Sophomore attending Hong Kong International School.

"The story of Noles" by Anthony Afairo NZE from Avon, Indiana

"Write Over it" art by Lauren McAfee

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