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Rebecca Grabill

"Sweetened Condensed" is two parts sugar, three parts milk: the life of a writer and mother of six encapsulated into raw moments of lyrical free verse with the author's black and white photography. Rebecca Grabill's first collection brings her readers home to rural Michigan and into the world of a woman on the path less traveled--wife, daughter, teacher, author, artist, poet. "Tender poems are shot through with a bracing dose of realism," writes reviewer Caroline Grant of Sustainable Arts Foundation. Author, Mary Logue describes them as "Full-bodied, rich." Ron Koertge, author of Olympusville, decries, "I loved the easy, outright affection in poem after poem. Each one is written with a skill that never calls attention to itself but is there on every page. "

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for Sweetened Condensed

Reviewer: "Oh. My. Word!... I could not put it down! It began with your awesome sense of humor, then moved to sweet and reflective with a dash of whimsy, before heading into a bit of melancholy that made my heart ache then winding up with love poems and a whopping poem for the ultimate encouragement to mamas.  A loving tribute to what we often perceive as the mundaneness of our lives. It was raw, it was real, it was heart-tugging, it was soothing, it was funny, it was encouraging. I felt like I was in your home and you were in mine. Every mama should have this book! Hospitals should hand these out to new mamas!"


Flying Ketchup Press ® offers many of our all of our books in digital format. Rebecca Grabill is a stunningly talented author who has provided inventive materials for book clubs and creative friends to enjoy her poetry together. 

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