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The Path of Birds is an exciting new Anthology of Poetry (2022) that will invite you to pause on your busy path, then contemplate, feel, sense and imbibe the moments of life that are tender and true, inspired and open-hearted, beautiful and humbling, challenging and awe-inspiring. 


Our 2022 Anthology is still open for Submissions. Each month will feature a different prompt. "The Path of Birds" will include art and poetry on the sweetness of flight--that sense of soulfulness of being lifted up by life, as well as the tiny moments of earth-bound glory, like witnessing the broken shells on the ground after a storm. Whether it's metaphorical, the flight of a soul, or the migration of a journey; whether it makes us catch our breath in a split-second or read a line again and again, we want to hear from you. 

We'll be so proud to share this book with you--our readers and our authors.  It is a true achievement for all of the amazing poets who will be included in this collection. Coming soon! 

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