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AfterWord Tavern & Shelves Serves Writers & Outer space Poetry

AfterWord Tavern and Shelves invites KC writers to come on out for an adult beverage or two and hanging out with fellow creatives. This is an every other week event to connect with local writers. Christopher Overgaard, owner of the bookshop which opened in Crossroads a couple years ago is still relatively new! He calls it "A REFUGE FOR THE THIRSTY AND INQUISITIVE OF KANSAS CITY." He writes "While it may be libations and books we’re selling on paper, at a philosophical level we are peddling discovery and the city in which we live. We invite you to walk through our door, and when you depart we hope that you do so having discovered something stirringly novel." Tune in Sept 26th to Ketchupedia Poetry Radio to hear more about this unique book store and an upcoming poetry open mic. The meet-up Wednesday the 8th is an informal gathering more like a write-in at Afterword's communal table, in general:

  • 6:30pm - Arrival and introductions.

  • 6:45pm - Some dedicated writing time.

  • 7:45pm - Discussion and feedback.


This Sunday Tune in Live on OneKC Radio 100.1 FM to hear from Polly Alice and James Ph Hotsybar, the Bard of Mars and winner of our Ketchupedia word of the day contest. His poetry delves into science and physics. Chosen for NASA’s special recognition, is the first poet published to another planet aboard NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft, appears in the Hubble Space Telescope’s mission log and was awarded at NASA’s Centaur Art Challenge. He’s earned a standing invitation to read his poetry at the EuroSscience Open Forum. More info at September 19th we will hear live from Poet Jen Harris!


Listen to last week's episode with the VALA (Visual Audio & Literary Arts)

director, Penny Theime and how she builds community through the arts. Her collective art show and online open mic is open to you! this Thursday Sept. 9th at 7 central online. All previous episodes can be found on Spreaker.


We are so honored to have our poet in residence, Hasna Sal with us this year. Her art ws just accepted into the Biennal in Larnica, Greece this October and into the new Kansas City Airport. Her forthcoming book, Poems in Glass is a wonderful delight. POEMS IN GLASS is a uniquely original book. Part memoir, part revelation and coming out at the end of this month. Through the panes, poems, and practice of glass artist, Hasna Sal, you'll find the heart of a poet. "From the pulse of a small city park at dusk, one artist is forever changed." Hasna's insistence that the "artist's role is to bring awareness" sounds simple until you walk the bed of shards, she crosses with the people in her community. From a local doctor and his family, to the invisible victims of trafficking, to the weary student in need of spiritual sustenance, Hasna explores both outer and inner sanctum; our personal deepest needs for spirit and light. Illustrated with her brilliantly cast unpaned glass art, Hasna's lyrical verse harkens back to the form of Sufi poets, and the warmth of bygone days where color brings visceral emotion and therapeutic energy to the mind and body. Color is the elixir of life. Let Hasna serenade your soul as she shares her life's work through narrative, art, and verse. Find out more at


Power Word "Dream Storming" Podcast

Every weekend we post another one! It's like "Car Talk" for Writers. Join Polly Alice McCann and Hope Houtwed for another exciting behind the scenes look into the editor's mindset when it comes to the craft of writing. Just what do all those terms mean and how do they work together? What is dream storming and what must writer do to cultivate imagination for great fiction? All the truth, no classroom, just the good stuff.


Plus October 16th a Chapbook Workshop!

Have you ever wondered how to find all your poems, keep track of what is published, or even decide what to put into a chapbook? In this poetry chapbook workshop, you will learn key strategies to organize your poetry for your own records and for creative projects such as submissions and chapbooks.

This class is fun for beginner and long time poets alike! Taught by Polly Alice McCann 10:30 am to noon central on Sat. September fourth Tickets are $25. Find more classes on our news and events page. like our upcoming Dreamwork for Writers Workshop and a Nov. workshop for kids with JoCo Library Writers Conference.


Flying Ketchup Press ® founded in 2018 to champion new and diverse voices in short fiction and poetry. We publish books, anthologies, podcasts, magazines, and contemporary media. Each year, Flying Ketchup Press produces collections of short stories and poetry by select authors, as well as an anthology dedicated to adult and teen readers. Our dream, to share worlds of wonder and delight.

Ketchupedia is an outreach of Flying Ketchup Press ® began in 2020 a grassroots network to connect the Kansas City & regional writers community through weekly blogs, a writer's word of the day podcast, a live poetry radio show, and two annual poet-in-residences including open mics, classes, and events to allow regional artists to explore motivation, creative goals, and advocacy- making room for poetry, as a space for personal narrative that empowers, heals, and unites diverse audiences. You can find us at Home | Flying Ketchup Press

Make friends with your inner editor. Just a dash.


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