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Flying Ketchup Press ® was founded in 2018 to champion new and diverse voices in short fiction and poetry. Our dream: to publish, produce and share worlds of wonder and delight.


Our Imprints: Salt and Fig Books for strangely satisfying poetry, Coyote Point Press for excellent short fiction, Light Shine Books for contemporary meditations and faith-inspired, The Story Tree for young readers. 

Ketchupedia is our outreach programming to writers including Podcasts, Radio, Poets-in-Residence, Classes, Open-Mic Events, and More.


That's us.  We're committed to bringing writers and illustrators together with their curious, awaiting audiences.  Ever wonder why it’s hard to find a good story, something satiable, satisfying, and just plain good? Sometimes, don’t you wish you could be transported to another world, just for a few moments? Do you wish you could read something just right with new emotional landscapes that capture and compel you in the first few pages? Are you a writer who wants to widen your audience? Here, all our worlds collide. Readers, meet new authors. Authors, meet your readers.


Flying Ketchup Press exemplifies the true meaning of a professional, hardworking, caring, editor and small press. I'm so grateful that you chose me as one of your authors and have worked tirelessly with me to bring my stories to life.

—Carole Lynn Jones