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April Fools and March Madness Midnight Deadlines: Call for Writers & Artists

Yesterday I got a call on the phone after being up all night editing and I hadn't had coffee yet! But I talked to them. Everyone has a story. This someone wanted to make a book for their brother as a birthday present. People call me on the phone. Talk to me at events, and everyone is writing a story, if not in words with their life. And what is better than a good story? It makes life worth living, it makes us laugh, it makes the road easier.

So I bet you to have a story to share.... We have more ways to share your work, our biannual anthologies, our digital magazines, our blog, and our podcast or radio show. January is usually our month but we need more work. So let's get ready for National Poetry Month with poetry, art, and short stories to share. Your voice is important. Write on! Check out these,

WHAT DO WE PUBLISH? We create dynamic, literary, and artistic paperback and digital ebook anthologies, one poetry and one short fiction. We emphasize fun, beauty, art, and artists in our books. We create two anthologies a year in paperback and ebook. We are known for our design as well as high-quality craftsmanship. Our books are rated 14+ for adults and teen-friendly. They are entertaining, wonderful, and either make you think or make you feel good. Find out more on our website.

Thanks to Hope Houtwood and Sonti Grady and students from Greenville Illinois for helping write this year's prompts. What are we looking for this year? New poetry, art, and short fiction that celebrate authors from the past, or a take on how their vision might have been a little different in today's world. Poetry about Strength. We will have new prompts every month and deadlines are Midnight CST on the last day of each month January through September. Submit today!


Flying Ketchup Press ® grassroots and artist-run, we are a trademarked small press in Kansas City using traditional and hybrid publishing formats established to develop new and diverse voices in poetry and short story. Our dream is to salvage lost treasure troves of written and illustrated work-- to create worlds of wonder and delight; to share stories.

Maybe yours.

Make friends with your inner editor. Just a dash.

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