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National Poetry Month Celebration Premiers Poetry Radio and Podcast!

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

"How can we help writers right now?" I asked. "We need to share some words about writing and creating. Life-changing words!"
"Thesaurus just means Treasure House," Copyeditor Hope Houtwed said in the studio one cold day in 2020.
"What if we just help them, one word at a time?" I answered.

Listen in this weekend as our editor, Hope Houtwed shares her word of the day, "Magic" featured in our Submittable call for art, poetry, and creative nonfiction, Charming Trifles. Words are each an entire world unto themselves, and we see them differently. For example, Magic she says, is not about fairies and glitter, but a rare but seemingly ordinary gift like someone who has never in their life "burnt a piece of toast." And in that light, to bring words about the craft of writing, the business of writing, and the inspiration to writers, we will feature one writer and one word each week! We hope you tune in on Spotify, iHeart radio, or your favorite podcast service.

2nd chance to catch up with us. We are now LIVE on Kansas City at KONN 100.1 FM. Starting April 25th, 6 pm CST on Sundays for National Poetry Month, we began Ketchupedia Poetry Radio! Our one-hour show will feature the word of the day, as well as interviews with writers, songwriters, poets, and creatives. The show will focus completely on Poetry and Poets, both regional, local and national. Myself and Poet t.l. Sanders, our 2019 poet in residence, will be the cohosts, and I'm sure we will have guests, guest hosts, and even onsite visits of live performance. We are proud to be a part of "One KCRadio unites the multicultural voices in the Kansas City Urban Core through programming and community services that entertain, educate, inform and inspire."

Our first podcast featured the word of the day is "Honor" with author/ Illustrator Danielle D. Williams whose new book is coming out this year, HITCH A RIDE ON THE COLOR EXPRESS. Our first Podcast, a 12-minute biopic about what life-changing word inspires a particular writer or artist, features author Danielle Williams. Danielle D. Williams. In 2006, she earned a BFA in Animation from Massachusetts College of Art & Design. We are so "honored" to have Danielle as one of our newest authors who is writing books for the very young with an emphasis on visual and kinetic learning.

How did Kechupedia begin? Thanks to the Spring 2021 practicum students enrolled in Greenville University's capstone course, Experience First. The Illinois Christian Liberal Arts College takes a service project-based idea to organizations outside of the classroom to gain real-world experience and networking for post-grad opportunities. And this year, they helped us create a podcast. We went from zero to a hundred with these energetic student's help! Listen to the sample podcast they created number three in our series where they interview Professor Kat Fink and her word of the day, "drama."

Pictured above from left to right: Garren Hughes (Music, Springfield, MO), Gina Zbinden (English, Highland, I), Desiree Lesicko (Staunton IL, Marketing and Digital Media), Sabrina Favela (O'Fallon, IL, English major), and Kendall Farr, team leader (Chattanooga, TN Biology).

The team worked under Professor Jane Bell's guidance to develop a marketing-based project that could help propel a business' outreach. We wanted to create a way to reach out to writers and creatives in ways that would be helpful to their creative journey and help them connect with other writers as well as find ways to communicate about writing and poetry. "One of the internal purposes is to group students from multiple disciplines to work on a project together, to display the strengths of different majors uniting for one cause," says team leader Kendall Farr.

Here at Flying Ketchup Press, we worked over the pandemic to think of three ways to help writers and creatives. We started with just a simple list of resources for writers for our region. We now have a resources page for the Kansas City region, Seattle, and San Francisco Resources for teens coming soon.

Second, we decided to launch our podcast where

A quick 12-minute podcast each week where you'll meet one creative, and find energy, insight, and direction with one new word. Rather than long courses and workshops, we'd offer concepts and insight from writers and creatives in the writing life, like our blog, but more fun and personal sharing one word that changed your understanding of craft, marketing, or inspiration for the writing life. We put out a call for writers on submittable, and we started getting entries. Submit Your Best Writing Terms to Ketchupedia. Why not send your own?

Write on. Your voice is important.


Thanks to last year's Kansas City Art Institute design intern, Haley Rene Brown, who offered the name Ketchupedia and designed our Ketchupedia ogo, our outreach project was born. Find out more on our website. Thanks to Hope Houtwed and Sonti Grady and students from Greenville, Illinois, for helping write this year's prompts. What are we looking for this year? New poetry, art, and short fiction that celebrate authors from the past, or a take on how their vision might have been a little different in today's world. Poetry about Strength. We will have new prompts every month, and deadlines are Midnight CST on the last day of each month, January through September. Submit today!


Flying Ketchup Press ® grassroots and artist-run, we are a trademarked small press in Kansas City using traditional and hybrid publishing formats established to develop new and diverse voices in poetry and short story. Our dream is to salvage lost treasure troves of written and illustrated work-- to create worlds of wonder and delight; to share stories.

Maybe yours.

Make friends with your inner editor. Just a dash.


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