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Look UP! New Call for Art & Poetry

"Like an old country song!?" Yes, our new prompts for poets are all sweetness. But don't let that get you, interpret them any way you like. This is about your creativity and your work. It's our Third Year to the day we first thought of starting Flying Ketchup Press and to celebrate we opened up more calls for art and poetry. We first began to think about launching a press in May of 2018. Since then we published 12 books the first year, 4 the second and we hope for eight this year! Our philosophy is that while the needs of artists may not change as much as we think What does change continually is the ways we meet them, support them, and how creatives with such diverse appreciation of words and media connect with each other and community resources; in other words, how we tell their story. To have a cultural community we need our artists.

One thing we work really hard on is our call to artists and writers. We want to inspire them and give them a home for great work. The whole reason we exist is that I'm a writer too and I know the joy of getting a poem published. It is life-changing. Poets are so soft-hearted and they need a place to share their work. Sharing a poem is so amazing, or a piece of art, because it gives the artist energy. And an energetic artist is the person who shows up when you need them to volunteer, to start or run non-profits, to create new ideas, write a new musical that inspires, or just sing that song that gets you through the weekend. Art, Poetry, Story are some of the best things about life on earth. That's what Flying Ketchup Press is all about and to build up artists and poets and writers, they need to be heard.

It's exciting to me when something that was in "the drawer," comes to life in a new way. So let's catch up! Find something you created, a lost treasure, dust it off, and share it with someone today. You never know what will happen.

What are we looking for this year? New poetry, art, and short fiction that celebrate authors from the past, or a take on how their vision might have been a little different in today's world. Poetry about Strength. We will have new prompts every month and deadlines are Midnight CST on the last day of each month January through September. Submit today!


Flying Ketchup Press ® grassroots and artist-run, we are a trademarked small press in Kansas City using traditional and hybrid publishing formats established to develop new and diverse voices in poetry and short story. Our dream is to salvage lost treasure troves of written and illustrated work-- to create worlds of wonder and delight; to share stories.

Maybe yours.

Make friends with your inner editor. Just a dash.

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