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Lit Fest Today, Sunday Live with Poet T.L. Sanders, Next Week John Burroughs, Ohio Poet Laureate

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

New Book Store Concept Survives Pandemic Closures, to celebrate Book Fest with local authors with the first Lit Fest on Grand

California Writer and Mixologist, Parker Sterni and his fall menu of literati-inspired drinks feature heavily in this new downtown festival on the corner of 19th and Grand Blvd on Saturday, October 9th from 11 am to 5pm. Over 30 vendors! "Meet and chat up local authors and publishers, browse used books, and connect with other friendly small businesses and organizations all while sipping a mighty fine cocktail or other adult beverage!"

This KC Hemmingway/ Parisian inspired shop that looks a bit like the artist Hopper's painting, "NIghthawks"- a cool vision of an after hours hang out has a great mission:


"Highlighting and celebrating local Kansas City authors has been something we've prioritized since we first opened our doors. With LIT ON GRAND, a celebration of literature (and other good things), we hope to connect our city’s writers, poets, booksellers and entrepreneurs with all of us who call the Kansas City area home," states the stores co-owners.

Every other wednesday, the shop is partnering with Flying Ketchup Press ® to help writers and book lovers meet up in the downtown KC Crossroads 6:30 to 8 pm. Flying Ketchup Press is releasing several books this year in addition to the first 12 already out. LIVE interview with co-founder Christian Overgaard, head bartender Parker Sterni aired on Sept 25th on 100.1 FM Ketchupedia Poetry Radio-with talk of future collaborations such as a regular recurrent open mic.

"Writers are looking for resources, classes, and information about publishing and writing; and a central accessible location is key to supporting this often overlooked branch of the KC arts community," states Polly Alice McCann, managing editor and founder.

Listen live on 100.1 FM KONN with producer Richard Parilla and Editor Polly Alice McCann. All previous episodes can be found on Spreaker. Poet T.L. Sanders is back for this Sunday on Ketchupedia Poetry Radio!


Last week we had a visit from local Comedienne, Artist and Poet Hilary Hope! Listen here...

October 16th at 6:30 Central our next online class sponsored by Ketchupedia, our outreach to writers. You are invited to a poetry chapbook workshop. our classes.

This week's Word Power podcast with a word of the day about writing! So how cana writer or character have an A-Hah moment and what will it do for your fiction? Join Hope Houtwed and Polly Alice McCann in the editing room discussing those writing terms editors throw around.


Flying Ketchup Press ® founded in 2018 to champion new and diverse voices in short fiction and poetry. We publish books, anthologies, podcasts, magazines, and contemporary media. Each year, Flying Ketchup Press produces collections of short stories and poetry by select authors, as well as an anthology dedicated to adult and teen readers. Our dream, to share worlds of wonder and delight.

Ketchupedia is an outreach of Flying Ketchup Press ® began in 2020 a grassroots network to connect the Kansas City & regional writers community through weekly blogs, a writer's word of the day podcast, a live poetry radio show, and two annual poet-in-residences including open mics, classes, and events to allow regional artists to explore motivation, creative goals, and advocacy-making room for poetry, as a space for personal narrative that empowers, heals, and unites diverse audiences. You can find us at Home | Flying Ketchup Press

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